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Compassion and Diversity are the seed and strenght for the coming together of Humankind
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Our History

"I am Proud to be associated with the Foundation established to recognize their sacrifice and that seeks to promote a culture of tolerance and understanding... In acknowledging our common humanity, we can build a better world" Archbishop Desmond Tutu, International Patron The Immortal Chaplains Foundation

The Immortal Chaplains Foundation was incorporated in October 1997 as a Minnesota non-profit corporation.  The original concept for the Foundation was from David Fox, nephew of Chaplain George Fox, and Rosalie Goode Fried, the daughter of Chaplain Alexander Goode. 


Stained glass window from the
Chapel at the Pentagon.

They were joined by Klee Poling Dugan, niece of Chaplain Clark Poling, and by Theresa Goode Kaplan, widow of Chaplain Alexander Goode.  Dorchester survivors and those from the U-boat 223 in Germany, which sank the troopship, also joined national and international leaders in helping establish the foundation to raise a voice to tell this uplifting story and the stories of people who have also risked everything to save others of another faith or race. The Foundation's goal is to remind us of the capacity for compassion we all have within us, no matter the differences of race, religion or creed.

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